What we do at UBL is Nutrition Coaching.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight / muscle mass, or perform better in your preferred sport, we will do everything to help you reach your goals!

We understand that everyone is different with unique lifestyles, eating habits, work schedules, body type, etc. That is why we look at each individual’s specific lifestyle to find out how we can best fit your diet into your way of life. We literally teach you how, what and when you can eat that best suits you and tailors to your lifestyle.

Based on an Assessment (questionnaire) we make a personal plan of action and we work together with you.

You get a personal coach who will guide you and also hold you responsible. Ultimately, you must learn how to do it yourself! You check with your coach every week to discuss how your week went, to give updates and adjust your program if needed. At the end of each month we look at the results and the plan is further adjusted to suit your needs.

You will also have contact with your coach 24/7 via our coaching-app. If you need us, reach out to us!

This program lasts at least 6 months, after which the program can be extended every month. It takes 6 months because a person only accepts new patterns after 6 months and gets used to new habits) .

Do you want to work with a coach who can guide you in this area, help you achieve better and faster results? We are happy to help you with the following step-by-step plan:

  • Step 1: Evaluate, collect data and identify your personal goals;
  • Step 2: Understand the situation and build the story;
  • Step 3: Draw up an action plan and possible next steps;
  • Step 4: Choose and test a next action step;
  • Step 5: Observing and monitoring what is happening;
  • Step 6: Use result-based decision making.